A new modality: improve performance in online classes



The new modality of online classes has been a real challenge for children, young people and parents, with divided opinions either for or against, being able to adapt as soon as possible guarantees us a clear advantage for this new alternative.


The current circumstances have led educational systems to choose to bring education through the already famous virtual classrooms, meetings via video call that allow the pertinent subjects to be taken and thus continue advancing in the education of children. This new modality has shown that, with perseverance and dedication, there is always a way to get ahead.


In order not to delay education, here are some tips that can be very useful when taking distance classes:


Find a comfortable place


As if they were in a classroom, there must be a clear area, away from distractions and conditioned for proper learning. You have to take the time to prepare what is necessary before class time, eliminating distractions and what does not allow the correct development.


Inside the house we will have more than one comfortable place to carry out the virtual session, we just have to make sure that it is the correct environment.


Prepare 10 minutes before the class session


It must be taken into account that for a correct use of the computer equipment where the virtual class is taken, it must be prepared in advance. Have an order from the moment we turn on the equipment, open the relevant applications and have the necessary material (notebook, pencil, pens, etc.) if it is required.


This is to be able to prevent possible errors that occur to us and thus prevent us from being absent from the class of the day and not lose any progress.


Create a learning strategy


Having an established plan with schedules and learning methods guarantee satisfactory results. It is necessary to take into account how much time is going to be dedicated to carrying out tasks, the duration of the class and the recesses. All this within the times established in the normal class schedule.


Support yourself with information from the web


It is not always good to settle for the teaching that teachers provide us, whether virtually or in person, it is always good to consult different internet sources for the necessary information to reinforce the knowledge acquired.


Do not entertain doubts


Always keep in mind that, as it can happen to all of us, there are times that we can lose track of what we are being taught, so never lose the momentum to continue learning and asking questions about things that we do not understand.


Adapting to a new learning modality is not an easy task, therefore, taking into account more than one suggestion never hurts.

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