Advantages of real estate pre-sale


If we talk about real estate, you could consider the “pre-sale” scheme as the best option for you as long as you do not need to live in the house since it will be under construction, for that reason Grupo Concordia offers its properties at much lower prices. competitive and with attractive promotions.


Enjoy the benefits


Affordable costs: Acquiring your property in pre-sale is much cheaper.


You choose the house you like: At Grupo Concordia you can choose between different models of houses available and you can even design the distribution of your property.


Greater capital gain: If you buy a cheaper property in pre-sale, when you decide to sell it you can obtain up to a 30% profit, on the current commercial value, according to the Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI)


follow these tips


*Review the contract: With the help of our advisers, at Grupo Concordia you always go hand in hand reviewing detail after detail of your property, all this with the aim of leaving you 100% satisfied and dispelling any possible doubts.


*Ask to review: Construction plans, land use and other documents about the land.


*Seller: Check your name, denomination or company name for future references.


Always carry out an analysis according to your needs and situation before making any decision. If you are inclined to acquire a property in “pre-sale” you should know that in Grupo Concordia you have the best options within the real estate market in Baja California.

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