Baja craft beer


Baja California reinvents itself all the time; surrounded by unique atmospheres and landscapes, recognized for its gastronomy and considered by many as “The Beer Capital of Mexico”.


They are currently registered approx. 195 craft breweries and although it has been produced in the state for many years, it is in 2013 when it begins to have a boom and recognition as an industry.


Thanks to the commitment and excellent work of independent breweries, this type of beer began to be marketed and little by little it was won over and remained in the taste of the diners.


There are several globally recognized brands; for its flavor and the medals they have won in various competitions.


We share some of the most recognized ones that you can try in different cities of the state in a tap room, food park or restaurant.


Aguamala Brewery


One of the largest and most famous beers in Ensenada and one of the pioneers (2005) operating in this beautiful port. Their beers are well known and you can even order online on their website.


Aguamala arises from a mixture of passion for the ocean, its biodiversity and science, taking these elements as inspiration for its name and each of its labels.


If you have the opportunity to go to Sauzal, Ensenada you will find a conglomeration of large containers where you will see the cold room, fermentation areas, bar and terrace to taste. Accompany your beer with some tapas, hamburgers, ceviche and even desserts.


Try Sirena (Pilsner), Mantis (Wit), Mako (Pale Ale) or Mantarraya (Oatmeat Stout), among others.

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