Benefits of country life


One of our goals is to improve our quality of life through new practices, habits and even new places to live. When city life already feels very heavy, or that it is negatively influencing your health and well-being, then you should look for new airs, or a new space that suits your needs.


Despite the fact that living in a busy city offers a much more attractive lifestyle due to the many activities and opportunities it offers, it is common for many people to seek a relaxed environment to forget about the stress that the environment in which they live can cause them. lives, and in this way they resort to looking for land or country houses that offer them this comfort. Choosing this option will provide you with benefits such as:


Contact with the nature. When you move away from the big cities, you will notice, first of all, that the quality of the air changes a lot, which will give you less chance of having a respiratory problem. This is due to the direct contact with nature that you will experience by having a country home. In addition, you will be close to the flora and fauna of the region, which will bring a new vibe to your life.


Opportunity to relax. Country living is much less fast-paced than city living. By opting for a home in a rural area, you will see that your stress will decrease since you will not be living in a hurry as you usually would in another environment. In turn, our physical energies will increase, since in these types of spaces it is easier to reconcile a “restorative sleep” because you will have the opportunity to rest better.


Privacy and tranquility. It is much more common to see large numbers of people in the city, which makes it almost impossible for you to have a day without contact with other people, directly or indirectly. Also, cities, by nature, are places with constant noise, which does not exactly make them a “quiet” place. If you are looking for privacy and tranquility, if you really want to be in a place where you are not surrounded by people 24/7 and where there is little or no noise, then your best option is definitely the countryside.


If you are one of these people who is looking for how to transform your life, at Grupo Concordia we have two developments that will be ideal for you: Rancho Bethel and Misión Guadalupe. Rancho Bethel is located in the beautiful and charming Pueblo Mágico of Tecate, just 10 minutes away from the Tecate International Garita, here you will be surrounded by rural landscapes that will give you the peace and tranquility that you have always longed for. In turn, Misión Guadalupe is located in a privileged area just a few minutes away from the Baja California Wine Route. Here you will find the perfect fusion between the privilege, exclusivity and glamor of the Wine Route and the peace, tranquility and calm of country life.


What are you waiting for? Whether to invest in your retirement or to provide an asset to your family, acquire your land in Grupo Concordia and transform your life.

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