Benefits of living near the sea




There is a very famous phrase that says “in the sea life is tastier” and to a certain extent it is right: waking up with that sea breeze that fills you with life, as well as ending your day with beautiful sunsets on the horizon sounds like a way more than enjoying your surroundings. And not only is life “tastier” by the sea, but living near the beach brings great benefits to your health. Several studies have been done and this conclusion is reached: people who live a relatively short distance from the coast enjoy better health, both physical and mental.


If you are looking for an option for your retirement, you should take into account the improvements that living near the sea would have on your life. Either because of the properties of the salty air spread by the waves or because being in this type of place motivates you to be more in contact with nature and to carry out different physical activities (such as yoga, swimming, surfing, walking or running on the beach) , the changes will be noticed shortly after you decide to start this new stage of your life. Among some of the benefits that we can mention are the following:


1- Improvements in your respiratory health. Breathing in the sea breeze, which contains a high mineral content, you will see that your respiratory system will appreciate it and in many ways, since the presence of iodine and magnesium in the air can reduce asthma symptoms, as well as promote your respiratory health. In turn, living near the sea also favors the production of vitamin D, which stimulates the immune system, making it stronger and more resistant to all kinds of diseases, not just those that can affect your respiratory system.


2- Opportunity to exercise daily. Living near the sea promotes a slightly more active lifestyle, which is good for your health since it promotes better blood circulation, counteracts high blood pressure and helps delay bone wear, to name a few benefits. If you opt for activities such as surfing, yoga or swimming, you will begin to notice that your muscles and skin will tone up due to the physical activity you are doing. You don’t necessarily have to practice a sport, but just taking a walk on the beach will bring you great benefits in the long run.


3- Relaxation and rest. Several studies have proven that living near the sea helps to have greater states of relaxation and lower stress levels: this is due to the negative ionization of the breeze, which increases serotonin levels. A walk on the beach can help reduce anxiety, open your mind and, in certain cases, also stimulate creative thinking.


Grupo Concordia has developments near the sea, such as Cielo Residencial. This residential complex was designed to provide you with heritage, security, and community for you and your family, as well as being an excellent investment opportunity, apart from the fact that you will increase your quality of life due to the benefits of living near the sea, what are you waiting for? Get your lot and transform your life!

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