Capital Gains in Baja California


When talking about investments in real estate, the word capital gains crosses our path a lot; not all the time it is explained in detail and we get a vague idea of ​​what it refers to. In a few words, this term is used a lot to explain why a property is a good investment, which is why we will try to explain why it is so relevant to link it with Baja California.


The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy defines surplus value as the “increase in the value of a good due to causes external to it”. In such a way that it refers to how something increases its monetary value over time; This increase is given by what surrounds the place in question, since the location is key to determining how valuable a property such as land becomes.


Some of the reasons why the value of land is increasing in Baja California are the following:




A glorious ocean view will always have a high value in the real estate market and Baja California has developments along the tourist corridor, both in Rosarito and Ensenada. The beaches and the tourist attraction that they attract, such as the migration of whales, water sports, an active port (in Ensenada), and gastronomy based on fishing, among others, make the value of the land go up. ascent.


Magic Town of Tecate.


From the moment that Tecate was called a Magical Town, tourism has been increasing, in addition to that we can mention the fact that it has ranches and spas that are highly recognized internationally. Many of these spaces are used for sale with the desire that you immerse yourself in this relaxed life that its country environments offer you, as is the case with Rancho Bethel. In turn, Tecate has an entrance to the Wine Route, which takes us to the next point…


Guadalupe Valley.


One of the most coveted areas in the region, since it has a large number of prestigious wine houses, first-class boutique hotels, and restaurants of great notoriety within the world of gastronomy. Currently there are real estate developments that are offering lots for sale in this region; for example, Misión Guadalupe and Taray are two developments in which Grupo Concordia has lots available for you.


Convenient lifestyle you can finance.


Baja California offers places with the perfect balance between privacy, beauty and comfort at a very affordable cost, compared to other destinations that share the same soil, climate and landscape characteristics. For example, an American may make the decision to invest in a second property in the coastal area of ​​Baja California, either because of its affordable prices, lifestyle, or because of its proximity to his home.


If you are thinking of investing in your future, Baja California is your best option: a piece of land will always generate wealth in the long term, and even more so when it is located in an area as privileged as that of this beautiful State. Do not wait more! Grupo Concordia offers you excellent land with high added value; Get in touch with us, invest in your future and transform your life.


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