Grupo Concordia begins the delivery of houses


Grupo Concordia begins the delivery of houses


Last Friday, September 18, Grupo Concordia delivered the first house in Cielo Residencial, located on the Transpeninsular Highway, Primo Tapia, Rosarito, Baja California.


The Dávalos family was very grateful:


“We are very happy to receive the house in the Fraccionamiento Cielo and we are truly grateful because receiving the keys to a house is always pleasant, we saw that it was under construction but until they gave us the keys it gave us a lot of emotion, we are very very very happy and toasting. Thank you very much”, Mrs. Dávalos expressed very happy.


They enjoyed the food, drinks, music and of course the delivery of the keys to their new home. All accompanied by an unparalleled view of the sea.


“Personally, I am very happy, I hope that people who see Grupo Concordia’s advertising will be encouraged and make the decision, it is worth it. Thank you very much,” commented Mr. Dávalos.


This Friday, October 02, the delivery of the second house in Cielo Residencial was also made to the Barriga family, who showed great gratitude upon receiving the keys to their new house.


Without a doubt, this represents a couple of small steps, but not the last ones, since the delivery of houses will continue to take place in the remainder of the current year 2020, all this marking a crucial moment for thousands of families to fulfill the dream of having with a home full of stability and what better than with a beautiful view of the unparalleled sea of ​​​​Rosarito beaches such as the one offered by Cielo Residencial, a development of Grupo Concordia.

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