Grupo Concordia installs storm drainage and drinking water


In the month of February of this year 2021, a development by Grupo Concordia was carried out at Cielo Residencial, one of the most important works for the common good of its inhabitants, we are talking about progress in internal networks, that is, the connection of drinking water and the installation of storm drainage.


The drainage system is the best solution to collect excess water and transport it through underground pipes to a suitable disposal area. This keeps the entire system out of sight and prevents odor problems.


The objective of a water pipe installation is to provide and distribute it to the consumption points, such as the water heating system for use in toilets and other installations that require it, such as heating, cooling, fire protection, irrigation gardens, among others.


Grupo Concordia is a company that is proud to provide adequate services for the comfort of the first inhabitants of Cielo Residencial.


Month after month they give continuity to the delivery of houses, and with this, more happy families joyfully join the fact of being part of Grupo Concordia, the best real estate agency in all of Baja California.

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