Invest in Airbnb with Cielo Residencial


If you are thinking of acquiring a new property, but you are afraid you will not be able to cover its financing… Cielo Residencial has the perfect location to start your own profitable business. Follow the Airbnb trend.


We tell you how


What is Airbnb?


It is a platform that connects people with accommodation and activities around the world. The community works thanks to the hosts, who give their guests the unique opportunity to travel like a local.


What is a host?


By acquiring a property, you can become one of the almost 3 million hosts that Airbnb counts around the world, you only need to share with guests a room, a shared room or even your entire house. You choose to be the kind of host you want to be.


Rent your home in Cielo Residencial


You as a host can charge the rate that you find convenient, since there are no minimum or maximum prices, and Airbnb only charges 3% of each reservation, which makes it one of the lowest rates in the world, if you rent your house with regularly, in addition to paying it you can enjoy extra earnings, to improve it or, give yourself the taste you want. So practically… The house will be paying for itself!


Receive your profit safely


Many times when making deals through an application or simply over the internet, it makes us a little suspicious about the veracity of the business, and although the fact that the guest reserves does not mean that the money arrives immediately, the payment will be paid to your account at the moment the guest arrives at their destination, (that is, your home) the money is automatically sent to you through Paypal, direct deposit or through any available method of your convenience.




Airbnb takes care of the protection of your home, don’t worry about accidents or inconveniences, because your property, your belongings and your safety will be covered by damage protection and insurance worth 1 million dollars, so Hosting guests is easy and safe. In addition, you have total control of your availability, prices and above all you can impose rules for your house.


Your earnings in Cielo Residencial


The official Airbnb page shows that more than 14,000 travelers seek accommodation in Rosarito for a week, an area with great demand.


Suppose you become the host of your new property in Cielo Residencial with sea view, which is located in the Playas de Rosarito Section, the page also shows us an estimated profit of more than 23 thousand pesos per month, that is, you pay 360 dlls for your monthly payment at Cielo Residencial, which is approximately 6,500 pesos. With these amounts, you pay for your new house every month and you get a profit of 16,500 extra pesos.


How to refuse to earn money so easily? For that and many more reasons, Cielo Residencial becomes the excellent option to ensure the future of those you love.


Dare to be the owner of your own investment!

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