Kayaking in La Bufadora, Ensenada BC


Experience one of the most important natural phenomena in Ensenada, from a kayak, an unforgettable experience full of adrenaline!

The famous Bufadora is one of the most impressive natural wonders of the state; This event is caused by the breaking of the waves of the sea against a cave, which is in the back of the cliff. Depending on the intensity of the tide, it will be the height, size and strength of the water jet, which reaches up to 30 meters high.

Getting here is very easy, Punta Banda is about 35 km south of Ensenada; On the way you are enjoying beautiful landscapes of the Pacific coast, combined between the flora and the sea.

During the kayaking experience, you will be able to approach about 40 meters from the mouth of the Bufadora, but it is enough distance to be able to admire one of the wonders of Baja California. It is recommended to listen very well to the security instructions of the tour operator to experience it without problems.

Do not leave without knowing the corridor of La Bufadora, it is one of the main attractions of this area, there you can find handicrafts, Mexican snacks, food, drinks and desserts. And some worthy views to take several photographs, especially where the monumental letters of “Ensenada.

There is a legend that during one of the gray whale migrations, a baby whale separated from the group to snoop around the shores. In her walk she got stuck between the rocks and in search of help she decided to launch a stream of water and then another larger one. Over time, this whale turned into stone until it merged with the rocks of the place.

Tour Ensenada and don’t miss the opportunity to experience “la Bufadora” up close, a marine geyser, the second largest in the world.

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