Kayaking in La Mision


If what you are looking for is to live unique moments away from the city and connecting with nature, you will love knowing the river of La Misión near the beach; it is located south of Rosarito; an estuary that is definitely better lived when you know it from the kayak.


On your tour you will be able to admire beautiful hills, the flora and fauna of the site, it is even considered a natural sanctuary because throughout the year approx. 70 species of migratory birds from Alaska, Canada and the United States.


Before starting, we recommend that you read the data on the La Misión estuary that is found at the beginning. Our suggestion is to take a tour that includes guided hiking to close with a kayak, refreshing yourself and admiring the living landscape. If you have a go-pro take it, it is ideal for this type of adventure! If you only have a smartphone, wear a protector so that it does not get wet.


Around this river you will find a family atmosphere and other water sports such as rowing (padleboarding), as well as hiking, horseback riding and ultralight flying along the coast; imagine being able to admire the landscape from above, without a doubt an unforgettable moment.


Fall in love with these places and give yourself the opportunity to get to know these incredible natural spaces. As always, we suggest you do these activities in the company of specialized and certified guides. Here you can learn about those that are endorsed by the Trust for the tourist promotion of Baja California: rosarito.travel


Don’t forget: your face mask, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat or light hat, comfortable clothes and shoes, water and a snack. During the tour, stand up straight and paddle at a smooth pace, do not stray from the shore, move in the direction of the kayak and not the opposite, and above all, enjoy!

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