Museum of Vine and Wine, Valle de Guadalupe


If you want to complement your experience during your visit to Valle de Guadalupe, you cannot miss the opportunity to meet and be surprised at the Museum of Vine and Wine, designed in a rustic-chic style, where you can find wine tastings, regional wines and incredible views. from local vineyards.


This unique museum opened its doors to the public in 2012 and since then it has enchanted wine connoisseurs and beginners alike. Within it you will find several permanent rooms where they offer tours of history, industry, identity and wine, as well as its relationship with art; located on its two levels. In the History Room you can delve into the first evidence of winemaking in the world, and how this drink is part of the uses and customs of peoples and civilizations.


In the Museum of Vine and Wine you will find four temporary exhibitions a year and it has a theme garden that you feel a great respite and inspiration from seeing it.


The rooms in detail:


-The History Room exhibits viticulture in Mexico from the arrival of the Spaniards and its development with the presence of the missionaries in Baja California, up to the present day. Get to know the stories and the beginnings in depth.


-The Industry Room shows the processes of winemaking, from the ground, with the vegetative cycle of the vine, types of varieties and irrigation techniques. The processes for the production of red, white and artisanal wines, corking, bottling, aging and distribution. One of the favorite rooms for wine lovers.


-In the Identity Room, the key actors in the production and promotion of wine are identified, as well as the emergence of festivals and the formation of a wine culture that emerges in the state, such as the “Harvest Festival” that every year attracts thousands of people to Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe.


-In the Wine and Art Room, painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture and intervention in bottles are some of the disciplines that can be found, the product of the creativity of 24 artists with 43 pieces. Immerse yourself in the proposals of different artists from the region.


Some of the services offered by the museum are: guided tours of the museum, tours of the vineyards, wine presentations and tastings, concerts, conferences, rooms for events, an amphitheater, ramps and elevators for people with disabilities, a cafeteria and a craft shop.


Do not miss this tour that will undoubtedly leave you amazed at each of its rooms and the content you will see. Give yourself the opportunity to live this experience and fall more in love with Baja California wine.



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