Real estate sector attracts 200 million dollars in 2017 to the coast of Baja California


The real estate sector in the Tijuana-Rosarito-Ensenada coastal corridor has grown by 300 percent, since in 2013 nearly 20 million dollars in residences and condominiums were sold, and it is estimated that 2017 will close with 200 million dollars, a favorable economic benefit for the three municipalities, according to the director of the Bustamante Business Center, a company that promotes real estate investment and sells subdivisions located on the Coast.


The real estate developer, Luis Bustamante announced that this growth is largely due to the policies of the federal government focused on the consuls being more active in the task of making Mexico known in the United States, where the visit came from. of the Mexican consul in Fresno, California, to learn about the real estate offer together with academics, businessmen and politicians.


He recalled that during the visit to Playas de Rosarito there were investors, academics and officials from counties close to the Consular Office of Mexico and related to Dora Westerlund, from the Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation, who visited the magnificent facilities of the Plaza del Mar Section Club, with a group coordinated by David Manuel Preciado Juárez, Mexican consul in Fresno, California.


However, the real estate specialist pointed out that the demand for houses and condominiums on the Baja California coast is due to three factors, one of which is that the US economy is stable again, so people are beginning to look for investment in places that they consider attractive.


On the other hand, he highlighted that in the region there are better proposals for condominiums and better buildings, at a price of a third of what they are worth in the United States, since in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco prices have skyrocketed extraordinary.


Given the above, he specified that around 15,000 Americans live permanently today on the coast from Tijuana to Maneadero, and there must be at least another 20,000 who come and go on weekends.


In that sense, he indicated that this real estate boom comes to favor the municipalities that share the coast by generating a higher collection of taxes on the acquisition of goods, which directly impacts the three municipalities, but also in the generation of around 3 thousand jobs and a better quality of life for citizens.


To conclude, Luis Bustamante stressed that among the attractions that have generated a greater investment from the United States is that people can live with greater or equal quality in Baja California, with a third of the cost of what it costs in that country, in addition to some studies show that living in Ensenada or Rosarito is 67 percent cheaper than living in Los Angeles.


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