Reasons to live in Baja California


If you are thinking of moving to live in Baja California, but you still have certain doubts or you are in the uncertainty that this is the right place for you, we can mention some reasons for you to be convinced:


Scenery. The geography of Baja California is very diverse, which means that within the entire state we have an extensive display of landscapes and climates that we can explore and enjoy. In Baja California you find beaches, deserts, valleys, lagoons, hot springs, even forests (the Sierra San Pedro Mártir). It is worth mentioning that this mixture of diverse landscapes together with its location, make the climate in Baja California very pleasant.


Gastronomy. Without a doubt, the cuisine of Baja California is something worth mentioning. We are talking about the typical dishes of the region, such as Caesar salad (originally from Tijuana), lobsters from Puerto Nuevo, fresh seafood in the port of Ensenada. This region is also known for its acclaimed chefs and the contributions they have made to the country’s gastronomy, such as the concept of BajaMed food; this fusion of Mexican cuisine with Mediterranean and oriental elements. And this is just to mention something, since both the haute cuisine and the urban gastronomy of the region are so varied in flavor and innovation that they will surprise you.


In terms of beverages, Baja California is not far behind: it is one of the most recognized craft beer producers at the national level, apart from having the production of international-class wines with the cultivation that is made in the vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe.


Their people. Whether you’re just moving from town, state, or even country, Baja Californians will always make you feel welcome and like you’ve always been a part of this community.


Baja Californians are characterized by being friendly and helpful people; Of course, we cannot speak for everyone and generalize (there may be one or another person who makes you doubt this point), but we can assure you that the vast majority of people who currently reside in this state are always there to “give you a hand” and help you feel at home.


There are many more reasons why Baja California is a great place to live, such as job opportunities, increased value of its land, proximity to the United States, to name a few. If you are looking to transform your life, don’t hesitate! Grupo Concordia has lots in various places in Baja California where you can start your dream life.


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