Safe technology for your home


One of the great concerns among citizens is home security, no person is exempt from being a victim of a criminal mishap, which is why they have chosen to use technology to have safer homes.


Thanks to technological advances, it is increasingly possible to obtain security systems to safeguard the integrity of our homes and families.


We present 3 ways to have security in your home and live prosperous next to your family:


Closed Circuit Television (Cameras)


Surveillance cameras have gained great popularity in recent years thanks to the fact that they can be controlled remotely, we can be outside our home and still know what is happening inside and outside.


These devices can be monitored through our mobile phone, electronic tablet or if we are inside our house we can see the images on a computer or television.




Alarm systems, like security cameras, provide security and efficiency when protecting our home. With alarms we cannot monitor our home, but when someone seeks to penetrate our home, they emit sounds that reach our devices and the nearest police station, this last functionality is predefined by all the services that install an alarm, it is part of the service they offer.


Alarms and security cameras go hand in hand, as one alerts us that they are trying to enter our home and the other shows us who is trying to do so.


Access control


The keys for doors little by little remain in the past, with technological advances more people join the trend of using modern access controls, this is a small screen with a keyboard or card slot where we enter our unique security code and that only we know in order to prevent intruders from wanting to enter our home.


Each of these systems can be used independently, we can choose to use cameras, alarms or access controls, but for greater security we can use all the options to reinforce security and not have failures when monitoring our home.


At Grupo Concordia we care about your well-being, so when you acquire your property in any of our developments you can choose to use any of these systems to keep your home and family safe.

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