Shopping at Mercado Hidalgo, Tijuana B.C.


If there is a place in Tijuana where you feel proud to be Mexican and where you can experience the traditions of the country up close through its food, crafts, colors, culture and more, it is Mercado Hidalgo.

For more than 66 years (1955) this traditional market was founded, where you can find in its large aisles and local products that you may not find elsewhere, such as a variety of fruits, vegetables -some exotic- as well as spices, seeds, grains , Mexican chocolate, mole, medicinal herbs, a variety of dried chili peppers, cheeses and endless handicrafts, as well as piñatas and candies.

If you’re hungry, you’ll love eating here! from a snack like a prepared coconut, some corn, stuffed churros or fair bread, through the traditional birria from El Rincón del Oso, carnitas in El Jerezano, as well as food from Puebla, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Michoacán and other places, to the gourmet like what you will find in Cuatro Etnias, a hidden gem in the market that few know about. In the center there is also a huge kiosk where you can find a delicious pot coffee from El Hidalgo.

As you read, in this first corner market in Latin America you will find unique experiences that connect you with the culinary roots of Mexico and the desire to explore more of each region.

Every year at the end of October and the beginning of November, the market is transformed into a sanctuary for those who “went ahead of us”, since one of the most beautiful altars for the dead in the city and one of the most visited for the “Day of the Dead” is set up. of the Dead” on November 2.

So if you visit Tijuana, we recommend you visit this emblematic place, go with your family or with your friends and/or partner to have fun and enjoy the great family atmosphere that is lived here.

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