Surfing in Rosarito



Did you know that in Baja California we have excellent waves on the coast and that is why it is considered the “Cradle of Surfing in Mexico”? For this reason, many surf lovers from southern California visit us, as well as from other parts of the world.


Here you will find the perfect combination between good weather, clean sea and high waves, if you are not an expert in this sport, do not worry! since on the main street of Rosarito there are several businesses that offer you surf lessons; most of them manage it with personal daily classes and on weekends for large groups where you will learn the basics from how to stand, balance, sea currents, handling a wave and above all to enjoy the beaches responsibly. Virtually everyone can surf, from children, teenagers and adults.


Some of the favorite spots for experienced surfers are: Las Gaviotas, El Morro Point, Primo Tapia, Calafia, Renes, Rauls, Marisol, Dunas, among others.


Take advantage of the fact that you are in Rosarito and enjoy its excellent gastronomic proposals; from tacos perrones (some classics), the experience of enjoying a delicious lobster in Puerto Nuevo, discovering contemporary cuisine in places like Raíces Restaurante and enjoying incredible views from Los Portales de García or Encanto. Do not leave without seeing the sunset from a pub or cafe near the beach, you will love it!


Also visit its passages with history and murals. Admire the work of its artists and artisans in Popotla where you will find everything from crafts to painting, sculpture, blacksmithing and more.


Surfing is so therapeutic that there is a project called “Magic Waves” that offers therapy through surfing for children and adults in Baja California who face mobility difficulties, disabilities, who are diagnosed with cerebral palsy and autism disorder. Learn more about them and how you can help: Escueladesurf.locales


We recommend this page where you can monitor the swell with favorable wind, as well as the place and best time to surf:


Live these and more adventure experiences in Baja California.

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