the main recipient of medical tourism in Mexico.


For years, the northwest of the country has been recognized nationally for the quality of its medical tourism services, the result of the professionalization and constant training of doctors, specialists and their teams, which has made Tijuana and other surrounding cities leaders. of this sector.

What is it that makes Tijuana the main recipient of medical tourism in the country? Cost analysis indicates that most procedures are 30% to 70% less than the original cost in other countries (mainly the United States), which means great savings and also with the confidence of receiving a quality service.

According to information from INEGI, in 2021 more than 5.5 million visitors entered Mexico through the northern border for medical appointments, which means that even with the current situation of the pandemic, medical tourism in Mexico recovered compared to 2020.

The medical services that are most in demand are dentistry, cosmetic surgery, bariatrics, ophthalmological treatments, orthopedic surgery, as well as infertility treatments and assisted reproductive technologies.

It is not for nothing that projects such as New City Medical Plaza have prospered due to their hospitality and “all inclusive”, such as this health tourism complex where, in addition to a hotel, there are offices, restaurants and a pharmacy. Another project that was recently confirmed is the Cosmopolitan Health District building, which will be ready by 2024; how we see health tourism is an indicator of growth and economic development for the city and the state. There are currently approx. 100 offices and more than a thousand hospitals that provide quality services in the entity.

If you visit Baja California for health, give yourself the opportunity to meet and rest in a hotel or tourist site; For example, in Tijuana there are several hotels adapted exclusively for rest and recuperation, in Rosarito you can rest and pamper yourself in a spa, in Tecate you will find the wellness/spa offer and in places in Valle de Guadalupe reconnect with nature and unique landscapes.

Come to Tijuana to serve you and enjoy your stay!

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