The reopening of beaches is getting closer


The reopening of the beaches is getting closer, and all those activities that you have been waiting for so long to do under the sun and the refreshing sea breeze are about to be possible.


Baja California has beautiful beaches that will captivate you in its entirety and with Grupo Concordia and its coastal developments, living by the sea is possible.


Some activities you can do


walk on the beach


Performing an activity as simple and at the same time relaxing as walking on the sand of the beach brings us multiple benefits to our health, plus you can do this activity alone or in company.


Observing the sunset or witnessing the sunrise, feeling the sand and salt water on your feet, and feeling the sea breeze, produces a feeling of great relaxation, we exercise and strengthen us physically and mentally, releasing stress.


It is an activity that can be carried out from the smallest to the oldest person, a highly recommended activity.




One of the great activities in Rosarito is to go fishing, a great tourist attraction that you can do in the Villa Langostera of Puerto Nuevo or the fishing town of Popotla.


Widely recommended for adventurers looking to live a new experience or for those who adopt it as a lifestyle and do it professionally guiding new adventurers.


What better than trying a delicacy fresh from the sea, don’t miss out on this great opportunity!


Horse ride


Enjoy a walk along the beach with your friends or family riding a horse, this attraction can be done safely on a sunny afternoon.


These wonderful animals will provide you with an unforgettable walk on the sand.


This activity is perfect for people of any age, everyone can enjoy a quiet and pleasant tour.


Do you play any sport


If sports are your thing, you can play a game of soccer, beach baseball, volleyball or any other sport with your friends or family.


A unique opportunity to spend an afternoon of physical activities that contribute to your health. The perfect time to demonstrate your skills as an athlete.




Baja California has been considered “The cradle of surfing” and it’s not for nothing, its beaches host excellent waves for those who enjoy this extreme sport, or if you are new to this, in Rosarito and Ensenada you can find professional surf schools to get started on this adventure.


An extreme activity that will make you feel free and will make you experience the connection with the sea, the excellent beaches of Baja California are ideal for adventure.


Remember that in Grupo Concordia acquiring your land near the sea is possible and with its affordable prices and the facilities it offers you… living the dream is closer than ever.

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