The tourist attractions of Tecate


One of the main characteristics of Tecate is the tranquility that prevails in the environment and the warmth of the people who inhabit it. This city, which is located between the hot state capital, Mexicali, and the ever-growing city of Tijuana, received the designation of Magical Town by the Ministry of Tourism in 2012. Despite the skepticism of many who do not consider it as As such, many of us know that Tecate’s charm makes it worthy of bearing that title.


Each city, or in this case Magical Town, has emblematic places that define it and give it a unique touch, and Tecate is not far behind; Many of the recreational activities or tourist spots help you soak up the relaxing vibes you can find here, while others encourage you to venture out and be more in touch with nature.


Next, we will mention some of the points that you cannot miss if you plan to visit (or live) in Tecate:


The Rumorous. One of the most iconic tourist attractions in this region is La Rumorosa, an area that, thanks to its giant rocks, is one of the most impressive landscapes you will find in Mexico. It is located on the highest part of the highway between Mexicali and Tecate; In addition, here is “El Vallecito”, an archaeological zone that includes a set of cave paintings and that reveal the pre-Hispanic heritage of the region.


Miguel Hidalgo Park. This is one of the essential points for all Tecate natives and those who visit this beautiful Magical Town. Here you can spend a pleasant afternoon in the shade of the great trees, as well as be part of events and festivals that take place in this place. One of the most charming things in this park is its kiosk, in addition to having the sign with large letters that write “TECATE”… a perfect spot to take family photos.


Ranches and Spas. Tecate is known for having multiple ranches, boutique hotels and spas that allow you to get away from your busy life; Being in these places you will have experiences that will help you achieve that state of relaxation and rest that your body sometimes needs. One of the most representative and internationally known places is Rancho La Puerta.


Community Museum. If you want to delve into and learn about the history of Tecate, this is the ideal place to do it. The Community Museum is located inside the House of Culture, and here you can find permanent exhibitions, authentic regional artifacts, murals, photographs and sculptures, and it is divided into three sections: one related to the Kumiai, one that goes back to the rancherías, and the other that focuses on the city today.


Tecate bread. In addition to having tourist places, one of the biggest attractions of Tecate is its delicious bread: if you are visiting (or live here) any opportunity is good to taste some of the pieces that are prepared daily in the many bakeries that are in the city. town. One of the most popular is El Mejor Pan de Tecate, since 1969 it offers its exquisite bread.


Bottom line, whether you’re coming for a weekend or vacation, being here will help you escape the stress of city life. Or, if you are looking to change your lifestyle and give yourself permission to be in a more relaxed environment, Tecate is definitely a great option. Do you want to make this Magic Town your home? A great option for you is Rancho Bethel, one of the developments that we have for you at Grupo Concordia with which you can transform your life. Contact us to acquire your land.


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