Whale watching season in Ensenada


If there is one of the experiences in Baja California that you cannot miss and that you have to live at least once in your life, it is whale watching in Ensenada. Imagine crossing part of the Pacific Ocean and being able to see them so close that you will not believe it.


The season of this maritime show is from December 15 to April 15. The departure is from the port of Ensenada, we recommend you book (at the end you will find a link with the safe and authorized boats to take you).


Since ancient times, the gray whale has visited our peninsula during the winter, seeking warm waters for its calves to be born. Did you know that the gray whale (the largest mammal in the world) is considered Mexican internationally? It is certainly something that fills us with pride and makes us feel lucky.


The sightings are made in the open sea on the outskirts of Bahía de Todos Santos, where part of their route is found; Due to security and federal regulations, the boat can only approach no less than 80 meters from the whale, but it is a sufficient distance to be able to see them and be surprised; without a doubt a moment that will remain in your memory forever.


Along the way you will be able to observe different species such as sea lions, dolphins, pelicans, birds, in addition to the coastline, endemic flora, Punta Banda and nearby islands. Get your camera or smartphone ready!


The trips always include a guide on board who gives a talk with biological and ecological approaches and key data that make the journey more enjoyable. The duration is approx. 4 hours


Every year we are visited by approx. 10 thousand international and national tourists, as well as local tourists to see this incredible event, the whole family is invited to enjoy it.


Every year more than 20,000 whales visit the coasts of our state on their migration from Alaska to the south of the Peninsula, to continue their reproductive cycle. It is one of the mammals that makes the longest migration on the planet and also likes to live with people.


Ensenada is waiting for you to enjoy this natural phenomenon to the fullest!


Learn about the authorized vessels here: www.ensenada.travel

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