Your house on the beach if possible


All those times that we step on the sand on the beach surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere and away from the pollution and stress of the city… we wish we could always stay there, and that’s when we got the idea of ​​looking for houses for sale near the area to enjoy the wonders that living there entails, or, having it always at our disposal for vacations.


Owning a house on the beach today is still a dream for many, but thanks to Grupo Concordia, it is possible to make that great dream come true in the coastal area of ​​Baja California.


Our experts will provide you with the necessary advice to enjoy the payment facilities and dispel any of your doubts.


Carrying out the dream of your own home on the beach will mainly bring you two great benefits.


Start a quiet life in a spectacular place.


Enjoying a unique lifestyle and the natural beauty of the landscape where the benefit is also for health, since a study by the European Center for Environment and Health revealed that “the coast is the best environment to create a general feeling in people, reducing stress, improving metabolism, stabilizing blood pressure and helping to eradicate respiratory problems”.


It opens up business opportunities for you.


By choosing to rent out your property on the days you are not there, you give more power to your pocket and practically make your purchase pay for itself, since many people look for lodging options to enjoy the beauties of our region.


Remember that at Grupo Concordia we have four developments in the coastal area: Cielo Residencial, Villa Toscana, Sahara Beach Front Residential, and our most recent development with a commercial and residential option; Golden Coast.


Dream no more and enjoy with your family and friends the advantages of moving permanently to the Mexican beaches.


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